How to Transform an IKEA KALLAX into a Coffee Bar

After a few weeks of getting my IKEA KALLAX Coffee Bar ready for the big reveal, it is finally time to share it with you all. Because we live overseas, shipping wasn’t available for some of the items, so I had them forwarded to me by family members. But luckily, I already own quite a collection of coffee bar goods. Of course, I just needed a few decorative items and some more mugs.

Ever since I came to the states, I developed a great passion for coffee because of a dear friend who had introduced me to the coffee world; she owned a restaurant where I used to work as a barista. Bet you never thought of me as a barista. I miss using an authentic Italian Espresso machine and the taste of the silky smooth lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos I used to make and enjoy after work.

I hope you enjoy the reveal. Here we go!

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I must admit that I am obsessed with WorldMarket goods; what do you think about these beautiful mugs? I adore them every morning when I make my coffee.

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WorldMarket Coffee Goodies

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I wasn’t sure what furniture to use when I decided to add a coffee bar, so I made a table. But that table turned out a little too big, so I switched it out with the KALLAX from my office.  The KALLAX typically has two more shelving units within; I took those out and just used the longer piece as a shelf. There were some holes since it’s supposed to hold together the other shelves, but I used some round white stickers to cover the holes.

When I got the KALLAX for my office, I added the CAPITA 4-inch legs; it made such a big difference!

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  1. Wow we have the same taste, I have this mug rack and I keep k-cups in a glass jar. I love your Keurig choice too, white looks great with this setup. Great job, everything is so beautiful!!!

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