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I know, it’s been quite some time ever since I promised to share my Okinawa office with you. Why am I calling it “Okinawa Office”, well for those of you that are new to my blog Okinawa is a small island about 400miles south of Japan and we live on this small island! I thought it was appropriate to call it my Oki office due to the fact that we are stationed here.

If you like to see more of my Okinawa Home, click HERE to get an idea what government housing can look like.

My office is finally complete, I have been struggling with making room for all my craft supplies, but I think/hope I got it all figured out. A few months ago, this room was a hot mess. Even the husband said; “how do you find things in there”? I believe that was the moment when I started to think about how I could change the layout to give me more space and storage.

Originally I had my desk where the storage units are now, which worked fine for a while but it didn’t give me much storage room to put any other shelves. But, once I finished building the functional farmhouse storage units the desk and bookshelf had to move to the right-hand side, this made the room look and feel so much bigger!

What do you think?

Office makeover

Functional Farmhouse Storage Solution by OEH smallI had to use lots of coffee to get the farmhouse storage units done, not because it was hard but because my kids kept coming in checking on the progress, and trying to help.

These cabinets felt a little flimsy just by themselves, but what do you really expect from a $10 storage cabinet. So, I thought the cheapest way to reinforce them, would be to frame them. And yes, framing the cabinets, was the easiest way to go in my opinion.  Super simple and you can customize the look to your liking. Since almost everything in my office is white, I thought I’d go with a warm brown tone on the framing to break up the white on white.

My office space feels pretty cozy now, I think I’ll be enjoying it while crafting.

What do you like most about this room? I LOVE the wire baskets at the bottom, I’ll be adding two more baskets to the left storage unit once my order arrives at the store.

I  also like the paper shelves I build into the units, they now store all my calligraphy, brush lettering and watercolor paper, what’s not to like about that?

Reveal Okinawa Office

Reveal Okinawa Office

Reveal Okinawa Office

The blue storage unit is my Craft table, you can find the building plans here. That craft table has been a great addition to my office because I am not only crafting on it, I also have storage underneath, and I  am using it as my photo shooting table.

Reveal Okinawa Office

Reveal Okinawa Office

Hope you enjoyed my little office tour, here are the links to all mentioned projects as a roundup. Have a blessed day!

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