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Wingback chair Inspiration roundup

I am so anxious to start a wingback chair makeover, I bought a chair about 2 years ago and it is time for me to give it a makeover. Not sure what has prevented me from starting this project, maybe it was the big move to Japan, and that I wasn’t sure how the design in the new place would come together. Choosing a fabric that will be permanent for a while always makes me nervous because I know that I will have to look at it day by day.

Using a fabric that has a pattern would be so fun, or do I want to go the safer route and give the chair a solid-colored upholstery? As you can see on my board, I only picked one chair design with a stripped pattern & solid-colored combo, I love the combo of mixing a chair with solid-colored and pattern fabrics.

But, I think it will be a little difficult to transfer that vision to my own chair since the sides are sectioned off. Maybe once I strip the chair it will make more sense to me.

So, here is an image of my chair with some of the fabric choices I ordered.

Wingback chair Makeover1

So far, hubs and I like the dark blue leafy fabric for the outside and the cream cotton fabric on the inside. But, we also really like the white and navy blue pattern for the entire chair (on the right side – bottom picture).

Wingback chair Makeover2

While I make the decision on the fabric, why don’t you share your wingback chair DIY/ makeover with me below. Can’t wait to see all your beautiful transformations.

Wingback chair source:

Wingback chair Inspiration1

Top Row                                  Second Row                                  Third Row

White & Navy Blue Striped Wingback via

Cream & Nail Head border via

Charcoal Oscar Chair via Worldmarket

Chichester Wingback Chair via shackletonsltd

Thatcher Upholstery Chair via PotteryBarn

Orange Wingback Chair via Unknown

Dark Gray Wingback Chair via Etsy

Modern Yellow Wingback Chair via

Howell Wingback Chair via Anthropologie

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    1. Hi Colleen, yes it’s exciting but also nerve-racking I’ve never transformed a wingback chair, but I am hoping to have fun with this project. I’ll make sure to share my progress, even if I fail, lol. When you finish yours please link it here, this link party is open until August..

  1. You chose some really pretty fabrics. I am sure whatever you do to it will be beautiful. I linked up a wingback that I repaired recently. It was a lot easier than I thought. Good luck!

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