Here is my Kitchen // IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installation. I feel like our remodel has been taking forever! We are actually working on our countertops at the moment, so the Kitchen is already being used and the cabinets are filled, but the staining & the dry-time is killing me, though!

Kitchen // IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Today, I like to share with you how we installed our new Kitchen cabinets, here we go…

The screws needed
The screws needed

We started by gathering all the tools needed for this project, which includes Anchor screws, drill, laser leveler and a marker.

Ready, set, go
Ready, set, go…

We put up our high cabinet to figure out how high our upper cabinets had to go, I am pretty sure there is a simple math  solution to this, but we were so tired still that the only thing we could think of was to put up the highest cabinet and level everything from that point. It worked just fine for us this way!

Our High cabinet
Our High cabinet
Support the upper cabinets with mounting bars
Support the upper cabinets with mounting bars

Make sure you install the upper cabinets first. Or you will have trouble installing them later. The IKEA cabinets are what installers refer to as “frameless” which means that instead of the upper cabinets being in one big frame, they’re individual units installed on a mounting bar.

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Start with a corner
Start with a corner

We hung out corner cabinet up first and worked from there. Be prepared to be sore from there on!

Upper cabinets 30 min. later
Upper cabinets 30 min. later

This part really isn’t difficult, you just need some”one”(with) muscles to lift them up. Husbands qualify great for this job.

Anyway, fast forward after about half a day we had the uppers and the base cabinets installed. We made sure to have the cabinets assembled before installing, that way we only had to place them in place and attach to each other.

New Cabinet installation7-600


After we attached all doors it started to look like a kitchen again.

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If you like to start reading about our kitchen takedown from the beginning, you may start here:

I’m also sharing sneak peeks on instagram, you can follow me at @oheverythinghandmade

Have a nice week!

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