House Tour 2015

House Tour 2015 by oheverythinghandmade

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we moved into our home, but if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably hinted something? A big change is about to happen to my little family, we are moving again! Mr. OEH got new orders and we are heading back to Japan.

I wanted to give you all a chance to see the home we live in. The house that we planned on retiring in,  the house that I/we worked on day and night, the house that was a wonderful place for our family, but most important of all, it was the place we were able to call HOME!

House tour 2015 - Front of the house

A couple of days ago we had a photographer stop by to take pictures of our home for the Real-Estate listing. It was a beautiful day, which I was so grateful for, especially after I had spent hours of decorating, fixing things, cleaning, and trying to keep it clean!!! It felt unbelievable when the photographer came back out after he was done, and told me that he was blown away by how gorgeous the home was.

You have to know me, to understand that decorating and styling wasn’t something I had a clue about.   I’ve had plenty of meltdowns because I was so frustrated with our decor. But the last three years have been so inspiring, I was motivated, dedicated and really wanted to prove myself that I could do better.

Take a look, and make sure to watch the home tour video at the end.

House tour 2015 – First floor – Part I

House tour 2015 - Entry way

House tour 2015 - Entryway1

House tour 2015 - Playroom

The playroom, so I can keep an eye on the kids while working in my office! Makeover can be found here.

House tour 2015 - Hallway/office

House tour 2015 - Office

I will miss this space, it has changed so much since we moved in. It used to be a dark green dining room, but since we needed an office this space was perfect and ready to be transformed.

House tour 2015 - Powder room

Aaaahhh yes, there is my baby. You can find the full tutorial about the powder room here.

House tour 2015 - Living room

Bar transformation | Ikea Karlstad Hack | Coffee Table Tutorial | How to decorate an Ikea shelf

House tour 2015 - Living room1

House tour 2015 - Kitchen bar

Kitchen light fixtures | Kitchen remodel | How to install tile | How to cut butcher block countertops

House tour 2015 - Kitchen

Kitchen under cabinet lighting | Cabinet installation

House tour 2015 - Kitchen1

House tour 2015 - Kitchen2

House tour 2015 - Kitchen nook

Kitchen breakfast nook – coming soon!

House tour 2015 - Living area

I hope you enjoyed our space, and please wish us luck for a quick and easy sale. Part 2 of the home tour will be on the blog by next week, stay tuned!

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  1. I love your color scheme. Our new home has a very similar layout and I would love to use the same color palette. would you mind sharing what paint did you choose for your walls? (I especially love the gray kitchen and living room) Thank you!

    1. I will share the entire color palette of our home next week. But if you like to know the colors for now, please search the blog for Benjamin Moore, that’s the company I used for most of the house.

      1. Are you serious?!!! I’m an Ikea JUNKIE and I managed to miss that gorgeousness?! Maybe your fancy decorating just made it stand out better! 😉 Thanks! I’m going to check it out!

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