Okinawa Home Tour

After shopping for some decor items the past few days, I got motivated and finally finish up decorating our small apartment. Welcome to my Okinawa Home Tour!

Still, can’t believe I am doing this (honestly, when we first moved in I didn’t plan on sharing this space one bit).

It’s tough when you live in base housing, overseas! You are not allowed to paint or make any major changes. Creativity is going to be your best friend!!!

The living room, dining area, and the kitchen space is combined, it’s all open concept, except the kitchen has a few upper cabinets dividing the room a bit.

I will show you the kitchen in a later post, it’s a hot mess – blue tiles, steel counter tops, awkward cabinets, oh and let’s not forget the mind-blowing tiled vinyl floor (yes, I am looking at it right now).

But, before I start boring you, why don’t we start with my Okinawa Home Tour.

Living Room

Okinawa Home tour - Livingroom - Houseofbelonging1

I have to say, bringing this sectional with us overseas was the smartest idea we had made for this tour so far. It is easy to take apart into 3 parts to be exact.

The covers can be taken off in case something gets damaged during the shipment or if mold will get to it, replacement covers are available at Ikea stores, and they can be washed as well (been there, done that).

The other furniture piece I didn’t want to part with, was my coffee table.

Okinawa Home Tour - Sofa

Creating storage is essential to living in a small apartment, my prior “laundry basket” has been turned into a pillow & blanket storage basket. But, often I find my kids toys in it instead!

Fine by me, as long as I don’t have to step on the toys.

Okinawa Home Tour - shopping for decor

Guess it’s the right time of the season to get extra home decor goods, stores are trying to make room for Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies.

I got all of this at 50% off, it sure made my day since we don’t have anything like Marshall’s or Homegoods over here.

Okinawa Home Tour - Shelf decor Items3

These super cute book ends are perfect for my small handmade book collection, and due to the colorful covers, I turned the books all around to kept my display clean and organized.

Okinawa Home Tour - Shelf decor Items1

I also added an antique chalky brushed frame, with a quote I wrote in brush lettering.

Okinawa Home Tour - Framed Brush Lettering

Okinawa Home Tour - Living room1

Updated Living room:


Shop this look:

Okinawa Home Tour - Shelf decor

Shop my shelf:

Okinawa Home Tour - Entertainment Center1

Dining Area

The dining area is actually very spacious for base housing, most of my blogging happens on that Farmhouse table!!!

Okinawa Home Tour - Dining Area2

Okinawa Home Tour - Dining Area1

Okinawa Home Tour - Dining area

Here are some of my different decor styles throughout the year.

Dining Farm House Table Finished project1

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Table Blog Hop 2015 - oheverythinghandmade side view5


The bedroom is my haven, this is where I hide after a long day of work, screaming kids, or when I want to draw while laying in bed. It’s my perfect little space on earth.

Romantic Bedroom Reveal - UncommonGoods Pillow Feature

Romantic Bedroom Reveal - UncommonGoods Bedding1

Romantic Bedroom Reveal - UncommonGoods - Side Table Decor1

Shop my Bedroom:

Romantic Bedroom Reveal - UncommonGoods Bedding Pillows

Updated Bedroom Decor: Click here for the full post

Tropical leaf and succulents decor via OEH & Afloral9


The Office makeover was one of the most fun projects in 2016, I love the new office layout. You can find the full reveal here.

Office makeover
Okinawa Office makeover

Reveal Okinawa Office

This is it for now, hope you got inspired!

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  1. What housing is this?? My home on base in Okinawa does not look anything like that 🙂 Your home is beautiful.

      1. Well, you have pulled off a miracle 🙂 It looks great! We live on Lester, so our housing is about as out-dated as it comes. I wish we had lighter floors (although that means more dirt showing) because our house feels a bit like a cave with dark wood-look vinyl 🙂

  2. Those sure look like Towers! We lived in them from 2008-2011! You did such an amazing job personalizing them to your style and taste! I can sure appreciate what you started with, lol! Kathryn just invited you to a Military Spouses DIY blogger group I just formed (Marine spouse here!) and I’m so excited to discover you and get to know each other. I hope you’ll join in and we can connect!

    1. Hi Megan, thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, the towers are a challenge for sure! I didn’t even feel like sharing anything when we first moved in. But after we got settled in, and I arranged all our furniture I felt like it could inspire others, especially those who live in base housing.
      I appreciate the invite to the group, looking forward to meet everyone.

  3. Hi! I love your space! Wondering what your thoughts on your wool shag rug from rugsusa? I’m considering it for our playroom but would love to hear about your experience. Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather,
      I personally LOVE the rug, and the feel of it. BUT, it will create lots of dust bunnies. It took us quite a while until it stopped shedding (7-8months). We had it at first in our living room, and due to the traffic, I had to vacuum the room EVERY day because of the dust bunnies. But, after we moved, we placed the rug in our bedroom. It’s a beautiful rug.
      But, if your kids have allergies this rug may cause irritation because of all the dust bunnies it creates.

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