Jewelry DIY // On Angel Wing Earrings

What could be more divine, more thrilling, generate more confidence than riding on an angel’s wing earrings? I am going to show you an easy way to make these cute and beautiful drop wing earrings.

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  • 4mm Crystal beads – 8
  • Teardrop beads – 2
  • Eye pins – 2
  • 24G Wire
  • Pliers & Wire Cutter
  • Wings – 2
  • Ear hooks – 2


Jewelry DIY // On Angel Wing Earrings


1) Pass 1 angel wing and 4 crystal beads through the eye pin


2) Make a loop with the rest of the pin. This loop is going to hold the ear hooks later on. To make a loop:

place your round nose pliers right next to the top bead and make a right angle

with your finger, begin to slowly bend the wire around one jaw of the plier as you also slowly rotate the plier. This helps give you a nice round loop

once you make the loop, wrap the wire around itself once and cut the excess. Make sure to fold the sharp tip of the wire all the way down to prevent injuries.


3) Open the little loop at the base of the ear hook and pass it through the loop from step 2


4) The top half of the piece is now complete. To finish off this earring, pass a teardrop bead through the wire and make a loop through it. (Don’t cut the wire off the spool just yet).

After making this loop, measure about 1-inch of wire and then cut the wire off. Pass the top half of the earring through the wire and make another loop. This time, try to wrap over the 1st wrap as nicely as you can.



Your Angel Wing drop earrings are complete!

This is such a fun project and I hope you enjoy riding on your angel’s wings.
Share your thoughts on this piece with me in the comments section.

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