Painting kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Did I just start refinishing my kitchen cabinets? I sure did!!! With a teething 5 month old and a crazy 2-year-old, I started on my  kitchen project last weekend. I have been waiting to paint the kitchen cabinets for so long, I just couldn’t wait any longer! Even though I already have my hands full with other things and the Holidays are right around the corner, I needed to get started on this. 

The doors are down, cleaned off with Dawn dish soap and warm water (no sanding needed). After the doors and cabinets dried I applied the first coat of Annie Sloan’s Pure White Chalk paint. This paint dries so quickly and has almost no VOC, which is great when you have little kids at home (not that I would ever paint anything with them in the room!!!). I was able to finish painting the first half of our Kitchen, and hopefully I should be able to finish the other side after Thanksgiving.


The plan is to also add new backsplash and butcher block counter tops. But first I need to get these cabinets all painted! 


Happy Wednesday! 

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