Reveal // Upholstered Accent Chair

This treasury has kept me busy, with removing the old Upholstered Chair fabric and installing new upholstery.

I finally finished the chair and will show you the Reveal // Upholstered Accent Chair right here on the OhEverythingHandmade Blog.

From the moment I saw this chair at a local upscale resale store, I knew I had to have it so I could turn it into an Accent Chair! This chair has been my second chair project.

Our dining chairs were my first chair project, you can find them Dining Chair Reupholstering, Dining Chair Makeover Tips, and Chair makeover/progress.

Amazing how the chair looked, when I purchased it for $22.00 at the thrift store.

Upholstered Chair00

Immediately after taking off the old sealer, I knew that giving the frame a darker finish, would turn out great. The new look turned out better than I could have imagined! 

Minwax 70013 1 Quart Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Ebony (affiliate link) for the win. This stain is my ultimate favorite color. It transformes furniture into a brand new looking piece.

Anyways, I’ll be sharing more about the DIY process and the materials I used on Monday.

Upholstered Accent Chair – Reveal

Upholstered Chair1
Upholstered Chair3
Upholstered Chair4
Upholstered Chair5

How to immediately start upholstering a chair or how to creat an Accent Chair?

  1. Find some inspiration on what you like to add to your Accent chair 
  2. Gather all supplies (I’ll add a list of my favorite items below)
  3. Make time to gather all supplies 


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Upholstered Chair6

Any shares and comments are appreciated, they will help us improve and find out what our readers like to see next here on OhEverythingHandmade. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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