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Jewelry Wire Bracelet Instructions

Today’s jewelry tutorial is a wire bracelet made by Oyin, our talented jewelry editor. We love this jewelry wire bracelet because it is simple to make and looks stunning once finished.

jewelry Wire Bracelet_oyindoubara_DIY_featured2


jewelry wire bracelet_tools_oyindoubara_

~ Measuring tape
~ Tear drop bead (1)
~ Czech Crystals (12)
~ Wire
~ Pliers
~ Wire Cutter

1) Unwind about 6″ of wire from the spool and fold it in half. (ignore the bead on the wire for now)

2) Using your round nose and flat nose pliers, make a nice loop at the midpoint of the folded wire
jewelry wire bracelet_oyindoubara_step1-2

3) About 1/2″ from the end of the short wire, wrap the short end of the wire around the longer wire using your pliers. Make sure to fold down the tip of the wire at the end of wrapping to prevent the sharp end of the wire from poking the skin.

jewelry wire bracelet_oyindoubara_step3

4) The great part about this diy, is you get to determine the size of the bracelet as you work not before. Now with the wire still on the spool, wrap the piece around your wrist to measure how much more wire you need to complete the bracelet. Double that length and snip it off from the spool.

5) Lightly fold the wire in half using your fingers to determine the end point of the shorter end of the wire. This gives you an idea of where the bracelet will be secured.

6) Now gently unfold the wire, string on the Czech crystal beads and fold it back.

7) Like before, about 1/2″ from the tail of the shorter wire make a wrap around the longer wire to secure the beads.
jewelry wire bracelet_oyindoubara_step6-8

8) Pass the folded wire into the loop on the other end of the bracelet. Using your fingers or the flat nose pliers, make a nice fold over the loop to make the clasp. (See image above)

9) To finish off the bracelet, wire wrap the tear drop bead through the loop end of the wire bracelet_oyindoubara_step9

10) The bracelet could be out of shape due to the softness of the wire so using a round object, like a water bottle or baseball bat, form the shape of the bracelet around it.
jewelry wire bracelet_oyindoubara_final

All done! To make an even stronger wire bracelet, you can use a thicker wire gauge like hard wire 18g, 16g or 14g round wire.

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  1. I agree with your about & falling in love with creating! I have recently started & some of your featured pieces on oh everything handmade is inspiring & fun. Thank you for your sharing your work!
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