DIY // African Infused Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklace DIY by OYINDOUBARA (ankara necklace)
Fabric Necklace DIY by OYINDOUBARA (ankara necklace)

It is so exciting to be an editor here at OH Everything Handmade. Bettina and the other editors have been doing such a fabulous job sharing beautiful DIY projects and today, as my 1st project, I want to share a project that has a bit of my home through our Ankara fabric.

Fabric necklaces are so much fun, super easy to make and has versatile wear. It is also a very unique project because the parts that make up the necklace can be turned into other jewelry pieces like earrings and rings.

List of things you need:

Tools you'll need
Tools you’ll need
  • ~ measuring tape
  • ~ scissors
  • ~ thread in the same color as fabric
  • ~ buttons or other embellishments
  • ~ sewing needle
  • ~ ribbon in choice color
  • ~ 1/4 yard of fabric
  • ~ fabric pen (optional)


1. Cut out circles in various sizes from the fabric. To help, you can take any round object in your home, place it on the fabric and trace around it with a fabric pen or if you feel you have a steady hand, you can cut it out freehand

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 12. Cut out as many circles as you please. I cut a total of 5 in various sizes

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 23. Along the edges of the circle, begin to fold and sew along. Make sure to have the duller side of the fabric facing you.

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 34. Sew all the way around

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 45. When you arrive back the your starting position, gently pull the thread. This will cause the fabric to create folds along the edges. Be careful as you pull the thread to prevent breaks

Tip: Start to create the folds as you sew along before getting to the end to make it easier to create folds at the end.

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 56. Now you should have a cute looking pouch. Make a knot to finish up

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 67. Repeat steps 3-6 for all circle cut outs

fabric necklace diy by oyindoubara_step 78. This is the fun part! Here you get to decide how you want your final necklace to look like. You can arrange all of them side by side, stack some on each other or create layers of a deep V design.

9. Sew on buttons or embellishments on the hole formed in the middle of the pouch.

10. Sew where each pouch meets each other in your design

fabric_necklace diy by oyindoubara_step_1011. Cut out 2 pieces of 9″ ribbon and sew on the top edges of your necklace

12. Viola! All done! Now go strut your stuff.

fabric necklace diy final by oyindoubara

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    1. Hi Jaelyn!
      Thanks for your comment! This particular fabric, I got when I was in West Africa but if you live anywhere with a good number of Africans, you will most likely find a shop or store that sells African print. You can also check Etsy but if you can’t get your hands on any, feel free to use any fabric you love :).

  1. Wow i love ur designs nd the kind of fabric u using.i hv been watchng tutorials nd i hv also designed few necklaces

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