How to Create a Beautiful Cluster Bead Bracelet [Tutorial]

Cluster Bead Bracelet
Final Cluster Bead bracelet by Oyindoubara

Today’s DIY project is my wonderful Cluster Bead Bracelet, so let’s begin with the How to Create a Beautiful Cluster Bead Bracelet [Tutorial]

Sometimes, as the daily activities of life go on, you forget how blessed you are to be alive and all the marvelous things that happen to you in life.

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You forget how lucky you are to have a roof over your head, a loving family, kids that bring endless joy to your heart, and other good stuff that goes under the radar as you chase bigger dreams. In conclusion, this month marks the middle of the year and makes a great time for reflection, I decided to make a gorgeous bracelet that holds together all the awesome things I am grateful for.

Our Abundance Reminder

For instance, everything that happens should go into the bucket of abundance hence the name, Cluster of Abundance. As you make this piece for yourself or a loved one, let it remind you how lucky you are. Now let’s get started!

(Project makes a 7.5 inch bracelet.)

Supplies needed

Pliers (1 Round nose & 1 Flat nose)
Snipper tool or wire cutter
Headpins (6)
Stretchy cord
Glue (recommend quick-drying glue)
Czech (or Swarovski) Crystals [6mm (12), 4mm(4)]
Gold metal beads (10)
Gold Tube Bead (2)

Cluster Bead Bracelet-tools
Tools for the Cluster bracelet

Part A: Prepare the Cluster Bead Bracelet

Step 1: Pass 1 6mm Czech crystal bead through a headpin and make a double loop using your round nose plier. Use the flat nose plier as support if needed.
-Cut off any excess wire and press down the tip for safety.
-Repeat steps to make a total of 8 units for the 6mm beads and a total of 2 units for the 4mm beads.
-At the end, you should have a total of 10 Czech crystal beads wire looped.

Cluster Bead Bracelet - instructions
Step by step instructions
Cluster Bead Bracelet - beads
Clusters for bracelet

Part B: The Cluster Bead Bracelet

Step 2: Now string on

-one gold bead, 1 gold bead tube, 1 gold bead
-1 x 6mm Czech bead, 1 gold bead
-1 x 4mm Czech bead, 1 gold bead, 1 6mm Czech bead, 1 gold bead
-2 wire looped 6mm Czech beads, 1 wire looped 4mm Czech bead, 2 wire looped 6mm Czech beads
-1 gold bead
-2 wire looped 6mm Czech beads,  1 wire looped 4mm Czech bead,  2 wire looped 6mm Czech beads
-1 gold bead,  1 6mm Czech bead,  1 gold bead,  1 4mm Czech bead,  1 gold bead,  1 6mm Czech bead,  1 gold bead
-1 gold bead tube, 1 gold bead, charm

Abundance Cluster Bead Bracelet Instructions

Step 3: Make a surgeon’s knot and add a little glue to secure the piece.

Step 4: Tuck the knot neatly into the hole of the tube bead to have a clean and professional-looking bracelet.

To hiding the knot easier, pass a gold tube 1st instead of a gold bead in step 3.

Pro tip

Your Cluster Bead Bracelet of Abundance is all set! Wear it with casual outfits or even to work.

Finished Bracelet
Beautiful Cluster Bracelet

I hope you enjoyed this Cluster Bead Bracelet post. If you did, why don’t you leave me a comment telling me what you liked about it?

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    1. Hi Kayla!
      Thank you for stopping by & thanks for your kind words. Yes it’s a really gorgeous piece and was so so much fun making. When you make yours please share a pic with myself and OhEverything handmade we would love to see it :). Feel free to get super creative too. Mix up the colors & use fun charms. Looking forward to it :).

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