DIY // Jewelry Frame Display

With my new romantic collection in process, we are also changing our display. This new display will be used for Craft shows (mainly) and Wholesalers.

Because this Jewelry Frame Display was so much fun to create, I made a DIY out of it and you guys are the first to see it!

What you’ll need:

  • 8×10 picture frame
  • 3ft of picture wire
  • acrylic paint & brush
  • staple gun (or nails/tacks, etc)

ORDER your jewelry frame DIY package, Here.
(includes everything you need to make your own jewelry frame display, incl. frame and instructions – staple gun and pliers are not included)

(Note: this Jewelry frame tutorial was photographed after our frame was completed. All pictures were taken by Danielle Matlock from, you can read about her in our Spotlight Feature)

1. Start by giving your frame a few coats of acrylic paint. I painted my frame with 3 coats, allowing the paint to dry 5min. in between each coat. A black picture frame was used to give the finished display a distressed look. After your frame is painted, allow it to dry for 24h.

2. In this next step, you’ll need the picture frame wire. Cut 3 strands each measuring 12″ inches.

3. Attach the first wire 1″ inch from the top of your frame, the 2nd wire 2″inches from your first wire, and the 3rd wire  2″inches from your second wire, make sure you leave about 1.5″ inches of extra wire on each end, so you can wrap it over and under to secure your wire. Watch your fingers and start stapling!

4. This next step is only necessary if you don’t get your staples down all the way, use a hammer to secure it everything.

This is it! Now you have a beautiful display to features your earrings, with an easy access to them.

If you are not a crafty person or don’t have the time to make your own Jewelry Frame Display, we are happy to do it for you. Order your custom-made frame, Here.

If you are interested in featuring this DIY on your blog, please include a back-link and comment bellow.

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