Fall Loving – Jewelry DIY


There is something unexplainable lovely about Fall. The weather cools down, the leaves prepare for their descent to the curbs, the air is more refreshing and most of all, I get to pull out my sweaters in preparation for sweater weather!

Fall Loving – Jewelry DIY

This DIY piece was inspired by my love for Fall and the need for jewelry to transform any sweater or turtleneck into something classy and chic.

With the tons of layers, you need to wear this season, wearing jewelry that is light, easy to put on and take off and personal is essential. For this piece, we will add a birthstone to the side of the necklace to really make it.



Round nose and Flat nose pliers
Eyepins (2)
Round beads (in your birthstone color)
Briolette (1)
24g Wire


Step 1: Make the briollete pendant

fall_loving_diy_oyindoubara_step1 Step 2: Making the side birthstone connector.

Pass your birthstone bead through an eye pin and make a loop. For this necklace, make 2 and connect them to each other through the looped end of the pin.


Step 3: lay out the chain to find the center point


– slide the wire wrapped pendant to the center.

– from about 1/2 an inch to 1 inch from the center, attach the side beads to the chain by opening the end loops on the eye pin


– Now you are ready for sweater weather!



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