The Bench Project

Hi there, and welcome to The Bench Project! Kids are napping, laundry is going, dishes are done! Time for me to work on the things I love so much, building furniture, refinishing them or transforming an old bench/ottoman into a new hallway seating bench! I found the bench/ottoman at goodwill the other day, I was planning on building one but just haven’t gotten to it yet. A “finished” bench sure makes this project a whole lot easier. Well, it’s not really finished, I do have to take off the old upholstery and reupholster the entire thing with new fabric, batting, foam etc. + I need to find some wooden legs that are about 11-12″ high (see image above). 


I already started on taking off the fabric, but I had to take a little break because my palm was starting to hurt from taking out staples (you have no idea how many staples this thing has on it).


I can’t wait to finish it, and share everything with you guys! Do you have any projects for this weekend? Share them with me on Instagram @oheverythinghandmade.

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Goodwill find Bench Makeofer

The Bench Project:

What a fun little DIY – The Bench Makeover project this was, I am pretty sure that finding this cute bench on Friday was meant to be! As I told you guys before, I had planned on making a bench from scratch, but I just hadn’t gotten to it yet. Until, last weekend where I was spared to build the bench from scratch by finding one at my local goodwill. DIY…


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