Eye candy for the Home

I am currently obsessed with brass figures and have been eyeing a few cute ones at CuriosityCabinet.

Then, I came across this stunning Eye candy for the Home brass figure in the picture below and thought it ties in very nice with the pillow cushions and the other small decor items.

A few gold accents throughout a room can make such a huge difference. Take a look at the entire room, here.

Home decor by { The Things That Matter } | The Glamourai
Home decor by { The Things That Matter } | The Glamourai

Eye candy for the Home should be a decor piece that excites you and has a uniqueness to it.

How to Choose Home Decor

Finding a piece that fits into a room is not as hard as we may think. Find a color that repeats itself throughout your space is your first task, let’s have a look.

This could be the rose gold on your lampstand or the knobs on your dresser, adding rose gold to your space would make a great addition and not fall off the walls.

Once you have your accent color, it is easy to choose a piece of decor that incorporates that color. 

A marble tray with rose gold hinges sounds amazing, add some natural elements like; flowers or a plant to tie it in. Or pillows with rose gold accents on them are equally as easy to be added and will flow right along with our space.

Bench by VintageRevivals | Cabinet by TheWeatheredDoor
Bench by VintageRevivals | Cabinet by TheWeatheredDoor

You have to take a look at VintageRevivals plywood bench tutorial, this would be a great way to use your scrap wood (which I have tons of it). Mandi has some serious DIY skills!!!

How to immediately start decorating like a pro?

  1. Find some inspiration
  2. Look around your space and choose a color that repeats itself 
  3. Make a list of items you could need in that space and head over to Amazon.

This cabinet from TheWeatheredDoor is everything, Reeves is a 20-year old student fixing up furniture whenever she has the chance! What a creative lady!

Side table by BrePurposed
Side table by BrePurposed

BrePurposed is my newest “must-read” blog, she transforms whatever comes her way by giving each furniture piece the right color combo and accessory. Do you have a coral crush now?


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