DIY // Beautiful Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring [How to]

Here is my 3rd Episode of the Made by color DIY’s, and today I’ll be making a very cute, easy to make and comfortable ring with a gorgeous Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring.

Are you a jewelry lover, don’t just stop at this post, I have been a jewelry designer and jewelry metal smith for a few years before I became pregnant and moved overseas, so hope over to my other Jewelry DIY’s on my blog. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did enjoy making each piece.

What You Need For The – DIY // Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring:

1. Cut a piece of 18ga round dead soft wire 1 ft (30cm) long.
2. Place a 11x6mm pillow Aventurine bead in the middle of the wire. Bend the wire down as shown in the images provided.
DIY // Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring
3. Place the wire with the aventurine bead around the ring mandrel at ½ size larger than needed. Wrap the wire around the ring. There is one wire on either side of an Aventurine bead.
4. Wrap each wire twice around the Aventurine bead, one side at a time and alternate sides. Your wires will end up in opposite directions.
DIY // Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring
5. Use the wire end to wrap around the shank. Make 2-3 wraps. Cut the wire. Tuck the wire ends with chain nose pliers so they are not poking, skratching or cutting you.
6. Repeat step 5 with the other wire end.
DIY // Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring
Your Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring is done!!! You can play with different sizes and colors for your bead and wire, and you will always have a different ring!
DIY // Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring
Finished Wire wrapped ring

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  1. My girlfriend and I wanted to do a very unique wedding ring using really pretty pebbles from our favorite family vacation beaches, but I’ve been completely stumped as to how to do it. Thank you for this post!! I do have a question… Obviously, using pebbles from the beach aren’t going to have the hole through them like a bead. Any suggestions on how to make it into a bead, if that is even possible?

      1. I have had good luck using a Dremmel tool and a diamond drill bit. You can find the tiny diamond drill bits on eBay. I put my pebble on a small sponge in a plastic cup and added water. Then drilled away.

    1. Thanks, so glad you enjoy my tutorials. I will have a giveaway for the last 4 DIY’s on Tuesday, make sure to subscribe to my blog. That way you don’t miss the Giveaway.

      This ring will be included in the giveaway!!!

  2. This is so cute! Looks pretty easy too! How much is the ring mandrel? Even if it cost a little bit, I be willing because I think I’d use it alot.

  3. I love this! It is such an easy and affordable way to have beautiful, custom jewelry!!

  4. Any suggestions on how I can keep the wire from moving on the mandrel. I haven’t conquered the knack of keeping it tight and the rings are all the same size.

    1. Try to keep your mandrel steady in between your legs, and when you start wrapping the wire as seen in the second image, make sure to keep it tight.
      Also, if you end up with a bigger ring, start by laying the wire higher up the mandrel (smaller size), so if you slide down you won’t be too far off on your actual size.

      Hope this helps?

  5. This tutorial is awesome. I finally got around to making some handmade rings. I am going to write about it on my blog today and mention your tutorial (with full credit of course).

  6. I lightly hammer the wraps to keep them round and true. Once the ring is fully wrapped I hammer everywhere possible. You need to start about a size smaller. Fancy buttons make great ring designs as well. The procedure is the same.

  7. Hello. 🙂 Thank you for posting this ring and how to make it. I want to make it, but I’m not clear on all of the steps with maneuvering the wire to make the ring . 🙁 I think a video will help me. I’ve looked here on your page for a video, but I’m not seeing it and I’m not sure if I’m just not seeing it… Do you have a video showing everything step by step with forming the wire and everything? I’m just having trouble figuring out how to wrap the wire and I don’t know how to use the jewelry sizer thing, etc. I’m a newbie lol . I hope you can help me. I hope I’m not coming across as difficult… 🙁 I hope this message finds you doing well. <3

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