Succulent Wreath Tutorial

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It has been a while, but I am so glad that I feel better and to start blogging again. I needed a break from blogging, focus on family, health, and friends. It’s a tough job to be a blogger, and I was so burned out! Competing against so many fabulous bloggers is overwhelming and for sure intimidating.

One thing I’ve been telling myself is that no matter what, staying true to myself and creating my very own unique style will pay off at the end!

So let’s start this new chapter in my life the right way, by making a succulent wreath! And of course I wanted to make this succulent wreath last, so I decided to use beautiful faux #succulents.

I also like to thank for sending me all these beautiful material. Make sure you check out all my other floral tutorials for Afloral at the end.

Succulent Wreath Tutorial

Succulent Wreath Tutorial Succulent Wreath DIY - Step by Step

This tutorial was so refreshing and inspired me to start blogging again. The part of me that wants to craft and decorate got to shine, I found myself smiling the entire time I photo shot the finishing look.

Succulent Wreath DIY - Step by Step part 2

This is the finished project, it only took me about 20-30 minutes to complete. One thing I want to mention is that faux succulents are made of plastic/rubber they can have a good weight to them.

Succulent Wreath DIY - Finished Succulent wreath

I was going to create an overall succulent covered wreath but some of my succulents were too heavy to be glued on. Beautiful how the exposed moss gives this wreath a great lightweight look and the free space allowed me to add a ribbon so I could hang it.

Succulent Wreath DIY - Indoor succulent wreath decor sideview

To hang the wreath I just pulled my wooden frame a little off the wall and added the knot behind the frame. If you prefer a more permanent way, you can staple the ribbon to the back of a frame.

Succulent Wreath DIY - Wreath on frame closeup

Succulent Wreath DIY - Indoor succulent wreath decor

Succulent Wreath DIY - Indoor succulent wreath decor

Succulent Wreath DIY - Indoor succulent wreath decor sideview2

Succulent Wreath DIY - Material - no numbers

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