Planning a new Kitchen

Hi friends, today I like to show you what can happen when you start a project the wrong way! Remember my kitchen project? Well, I painted the kitchen and was waiting on my butcher block counter tops… then this happened> Planning a new kitchen! 

kitchen disaster

I am not sure what I was thinking, trying to paint this old and really in bad shape kitchen, the doors under the kitchen sink look all bubbly due to water that must have run down. I think at one point I was trying to camouflage it with the white paint, but this made it worse and every time I do dishes it just stairs at me! After painting the cabinets, I was very disappointed with how the Annie Sloan Paint looked after it was applied, maybe a course on how to paint a kitchen with A. Sloan paint would have helped. However, it’s too late for that now!

After also talking to a friend that is a realtor, I was asked if I would accept the kitchen in its current condition if I had to buy our house again? You know, when we bought the house, we said to ourselves that a kitchen gut-out would have to be done anyway. However, due to my pregnancy back than and a limited budget we kept pushing it off. 

So, one year laterwith the same kitchen, but in worse condition. We finally decided to tackle this thing and remodel the entire kitchen! Amen!!!

First off, I measured the entire space. And went on the Ikea website to use the Kitchen planner that they provide.

After setting up the layout and adding all the cabinets, I printed out the list for all the items we need for the new kitchen, and our next step is to go to IKEA in the next couple of weeks and actually order the kitchen.

I am so excited, that I had to share a few Ikea kitchens with the same finishes we chose.

Kitchen by houzz
Kitchen by houzz
Kitchen 2
Kitchen #2 by cape27blog
Kitchen 3
Kitchen #3 via Pinterest (link unknown)
Kitchen #4 via Ikea
Kitchen #4 via Ikea

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  1. Hi Bettina,

    So, I think I am at the point you were at when you finally decided to remodel your kitchen. After trying to live with ugly maple cabinets for nine years, I have decided to finally just go for it and redo the kitchen ordering white kitchen cabinets. I have been researching various white shaker cabinet styles, but keep coming back to the ikea adel style. I just love the simplicity of the adel, however, I don’t like that it is thermafoil. So my questions to you are this: are your kitchen cabinets the adel style? Did you install the cabinets yet? Do you love them? Would you order IKEA again if you had to do the kitchen a second time? Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Paula

    1. Hi Paula,
      Glad you stopped by, I might be even able to help you with your questions!
      We actually finished our kitchen, and are super happy with it. Yes, we went with the Adel style after going back-and-forth between the white ikea cabinets, the Adel was our favorite at the end.
      I have to tell you, the finish is really durable and sleek. I have small children that touch the doors and pull them, but its easy to clean and all doors have soft-close (love that feature).
      I would do it over and over again. We finished the entire kitchen in only a couple of days (not included the custom counter top finish and backsplash installation).
      I think Ikea has a 20% off sale on kitchens at the moment, so if you really want to get them don’t wait!
      We got our kitchen at a discount as well, and by doing everything ourselves we saved nearly $3000.
      Good luck, and please share your finished kitchen when done.

      Here is the finished kitchen:


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