A Personalized DIY Charmed Bracelet

Bracelets are my favorite jewelry pieces to wear. Sometimes I would rather finish off my outfit with bracelets than earrings and so I tend to wear pieces that mean a lot to me and remind of a story or moment in my life. This love inspired today’s DIY post and so today I am going to be showing you how to create your own personalized charmed bracelet.

Personalized DIY Charmed Bracelet via OYINDOUBARA
Personalized DIY Charmed Bracelet via OYINDOUBARA


Tools you need
Tools you need

– 2 pliers (you can use 2 chain nose or flat nose pliers or 1 of each)
Jump rings

Step 1:

Cut out a chain length the size of your wrist and add 1/2 an inch. My wrist length is 7.5″ so I cut out 8″ of chain

Step 2:

Layout the chain and arrange your charms along the chain in any order you like

Step 3:

Open up your jump rings using the pliers and pass your charms through them. Do not close the jump rings yet

oyindoubara_diy charmed bracelet step 2 and 3Step 4:

Now pass the jump rings through the chain at the spot you laid out before, close them using your pliers and attach a clasp at the end with your pliers.

oyindoubara_diy charmed bracelet step 4Final Look!

oyindoubara_diy charmed bracelet final lookHope you enjoyed this DIY. If you did, share it with your friends on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and your own Blog!

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