My Romantic Kitchen Design

Romantic Kitchen Design
Romantic Kitchen Design

When I first thought about my dream kitchen, I had no idea what it would look like, or even what would go into it. My current kitchen is a disaster and far away from a dream. But with the little dream kitchen of mine coming closer, I had to search the web for inspiration, so this romantic kitchen board happened!

I love whites, grays, mints, bold colors like fuchsia and also neutrals in my furniture like the adorable wooden bar stools. Although I wouldn’t leave them plain as they come when purchased from Ikea, I would definitely dip some legs!

We also have an adorable sage, mint green backsplash from Fireclay Tile that will go on my walls. I am super stoked about this, since Nakia and I are going to install them ourselvesDIY style baby. So, make sure to keep on checking back or subscribing to my feed so you don’t miss this tutorial.

Same with the butcher block counter tops, I will be staining these to a dark walnut. Kinda nervous about it, but this amazing tutorial from kleypas will be my guide along the way.

Other than that, I will be going through our cabinets in the next couple of days, and throw out some old stuff to make room for the new!!!

Dipped Spoons by Remodelista | Latticework Tea Towel by avrilloreti | Backsplash by Fireclay Tile (color Sea Green), everything else available at

What are items that you can’t live without in your kitchen? Send me your links and tips, I’d appreciate that.

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