Coming soon… The Garage makeover

GarageBeforeMay I introduce, the dirty workshop/garage! Hubby and I haven’t been able to drive our cars into this garage for a year now. I am blushing for all the craziness going on there! But for what it is worth, hubby and I can still use the garage for all kinds of things like; projects, jewelry work (see workbench on the right side) and storage.

However, I’m determined and have set my mind to change the entire garage, top to bottom!

Makeover list:

  • Cleaning out the entire garage (everything is coming out – we will use our backyard to store some things so the neighbors stay calm and not freak out)
  • Power-washing and re-finishing the floor
  • Installing wall and ceiling organizers/storage
  • Adding features and organizing hubbies workbench
  • Organizing and re-locating my workbench
  • Building an additional workbench for our big tools

Garage Floor

As you can tell by the floor, this garage has been through a few projects. I will have to be careful in the future, and use protection so I won’t get the floors dirty again when painting, spraying, or staining projects.

Besides, the garage project, look what else I found! It is time this armchair is getting a makeover, hope I can squeeze it into my schedule.

Stay tuned, and follow me on instagram for project updates and sneak peeks @oheverythinghandmade


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