My favorite instagrams – No.11

Today, I have only 2 pics to share… sorry!!!

I enjoyed the previous weekend with my little Miss. Einstein and the hubs digging into some delicious breakfast.

I was also preparing for the Christmas Bazaar last weekend by making a new Frame display with a fabric background, but unfortunately I couldn’t go because Jasmine got sick and one day later hubs and I got it too.

Anyways, since we got back from Germany it’s been super busy around here, we are in the middle of getting everything ready for our move to Ft. Worth, TX.

It’s exciting but also exhausting just to think about, I just wish this move would be done already. I don’t even want to start rambling my thoughts about how to manage a one-year old, 2 dogs and 6 luggage’s traveling over 24h.

However, this reminds me that we won’t have our own Christmas tree this year, due to travels! I would’ve liked to celebrate Jasmine’s 2nd Christmas a little more traditional, and decorate a tree with her, sing German songs to her and make yummy German Christmas treats. But at least we will be with family this year, and who knows we might still end up singing by the/a tree.

So, what are your plans this Christmas? Please share!

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