What are you working on?

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner, I sure can’t! It’s been such a short year for me, there should be a pause button don’t you think? I try to enjoy every single day, but now that I have a toddler and a successful business, it seems like there is never enough time in a day.

However, back to the “Christmasy” subject (sorry if I’m starting to make-up words now) – you may have heard that my family is moving back to the states BEFORE Christmas!!! Which means if you are in need of some Christmas gifts, please fulfill your order this month or not later than Dec. 05.

Last night, right before bedtime I got 3 more orders in, and because they were rush orders I had to work a little into the night, which is fun most the time (but only when I’m not tired) because I can crank up my iphone and listen to my favorite songs (currently listening to: maroon 5 – one more night) while working (of course with headphones on!!!)

And these are a few items I was working on!

(top cluster earring | below Patina acorn Ring | bottom Moroccan Style Earring)

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