DIY // Baby – toddler harem pants

Today, I like to share how I made the DIY Baby – toddler harem pants for my daughter Jasmine!

I never thought about making Jasmine pants or shirts, until last week!!! I can’t believe how many clothes she’s grown out of, it almost seems like she grew out of most of her favorite things overnight. I normally don’t have to buy any clothes for her because grandma sends us almost every month a package with clothes for both of my little cookies.

Anyway, the last packages we got from grandma had some cold weather clothes in them still. But, we had almost 100 F this week and anything with long sleeves would be a torture for my babies. That’s where the idea of making Jasmine some clothes came in, I started with some toddler harem pants by brindilleandtwig

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DIY // Baby – toddler harem pants

Material needed:

I captured a few steps from the process, it really wasn’t hard to put together and took me only 30 min.

Baby toddler harem pants
Baby – toddler harem pants
Toddler harem pants by brindilleandtwig

I used a light fabric because I don’t want her sweating up a storm while wearing these. The fabric I picked up at Michael’s for only a couple of bucks.

Pattern cutout, ready to be sown
Pattern cut-out, ready to be sewn
The little ankle cuffs can be any color you want
The little ankle cuffs can be any color you want
Ready to sew
Laying each side on top of each other
Toddler Harem Pants
Toddler Harem Pants

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