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how to cut a sink hole, working with butcher block!
How to cut a sink hole, working with butcher block!

After searching the web on how to cut a sink hole in butcher block, I had to write this little post about how we did it, just to give the web my own 5 sense.

We decided to go with drilling holes along the cutting line, which is really unnecessary in my opinion! But let’s get started with some images, so you can see for yourself.

Drilling holes along the cutting line
Drilling holes along the cutting line

Since our Under-mount sink has rounded corners, we thought that the holes would help. But after I cut the hole, I have to say that really all you need is one hole to start with.

If your sink has no rounded corners, make sure you have in each corner a drilled hole. It will be much easier to cut the corner and make the turn.

Cutting my corners
Cutting my corners
The cut hole for our sink
The cut hole for our sink

I left the last image bigger, just so you can see the messy cut! I am still upset about it since I wanted the edges to line up with our sink for a smooth look. Now, we have a portion of our sink exposed and will have water sitting on it if we don’t wipe it off after every single use.

Under-mount sink
Under-mount sink

The holes were drilled too close to the cutting line, on an angle rather than straight. Yes, I was in tears, but there is no way back and I didn’t have the patience for a new butcher block. I had to use a router to remove all the drilling marks and give it a nice finished look.

Note: Make sure you take your time with this, don’t drill too close to your cutting line, and go slowly while cutting.


If you like to start reading about our kitchen takedown from the beginning, you may start here:

I’m also sharing lots of sneak peeks on instagram, you can follow me at @oheverythinghandmade

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Bettina! Thanks for sharing your butch block installation process! I’m thinking about updating my laminate counter tops to ikea butcher block. This maybe a stupid question- but how did you draw the sink outline on the butcher block? Did the sink came with a template? Also, looks like it’s been a year since your new kitchen, any word of advice for someone who is planning on a similar project? Anything else you would do differently? Thank you!!!

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