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Pantry Makeover – Before

I clean out my small pantry frequently, because it changes from an organized pantry to a disaster, almost overnight. But today, I’ll also give it a makeover.

Last time I cleaned out this pantry was around May 2013, way overdue. So, I got to it right away. But this time I incorporated a little bit of color, replaced the old shelf mats, and painted the entire pantry white. I added some lights and made it functional for my family.

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Prepping to paint a stripe of color to the shelfs
Prepping to paint bold stripes to the front of the shelves

After I had cleaned out and painted everything, the stripes went on next. Apply painters tape along the edge, and once done you can remove them and should have a nice finished edge.


To make this small pantry more functional, I added a pull-out shelf (made of a wooden tray). Jasmine is in love with this feature because she can reach everything I put on it.

Pantry shelf installation
Pantry shelf installation
Basket for the potatoes
Basket of potatoes

The white bin at the bottom is from Ikea, SORTERA and holds our recycled items.

Soda can rack transformation
Soda can rack transformation

We go through tomato sauce like mad. But, because I did not have a rack for cans, I had to use my husband’s soda can rack. What do you know, the tomato cans fit perfectly.

Grocery bags by OhJoy from Target


How to hide your microwave inside a Small Pantry?

Oh yes, we did it too! Our microwave was installed in the our small pantry few months ago, during the time we remodeled our kitchen. The inspiration came from YoungHouseLove – thanks Sherry!


We had an electrician come by to install a new outlet, he finished it in less than 10 minutes. (Cost was about $100)


Shelf #3 has everything I need on a daily basis, from flour to crackers, plus I added a candy jar (the left jar in the back).


Cookbooks are on my menu as well! AND my new favorite toy, and inspiration for the color in this pantry – is

cutting board by worldmarket
This beautiful cutting board from Worldmarket



Shelf #4, is my baking shelf. Everything I need to bake with. I used three different sizes of the DROPPAR glass jars, so I can get to the back easier. They are also writable, and Dishwash save.Pantry6


And because it is a challenge to find things in a dark pantry, I installed some LED lights as well (see more about this project, here)




How to immediately start your pantry makeover?

  1. Find some inspiration on what you like to add to your bullet journal 
  2. Gather all supplies (paint, baskets, take, measuring tape, etc.)
  3. Make time to create a plan, a budget or to-do list can keep you on track

I love my small pantry. It’s minimalistic, it sparks my creativity, and allows me to grab the things needed quickly. But the best part is that it was on a small budget and made such a big difference to us already.


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  1. I just bought those Droppar jars from IKEA and had no idea you could write on them — what did you use to write on them with??

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