Chalkboard Painted Glass Jar Office Organizer

I have been collecting glass jars for some time now. I love incorporating them into our decor, storing little nick nacks and crafting with them.

My latest task was to find a way of storing some of my Desk Office supplies in one area to minimize visual clutter. Chalkboard paint and a big Marshall’s glass jar came to the rescue.

chalkboard painted glass jar - Featured Tutorial

Chalkboard Painted Glass Jar Office Organizer

Material needed:

  • Glass jar
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • Cotton rope (optional)
  • Newspaper or any other paper as a work surface


Step 1. 

Clean your jar with soap and hot water, or in a dishwasher. Make sure the jar is dry before applying the spray paint.

Step 2.

Lay the newspaper on a flat surface (preferably outside – garage, backyard or balcony), make sure you are not too close to a wall or window.

chalkboard painted glass jar - spraying the glass jar

Step 3.

Spray multiple thin coats with the manufactures recommended dry time in between coats.

chalkboard painted glass jar - after two coats of chalkpaint

Step 4.

Once the last coat has been applied, wait at least 12h until the paint is fully cured and dry.

chalkboard painted glass jar - closeup

I decorated my glass jar with cotton rope, in case I need to find a place for pins.

chalkboard painted glass jar - Attach cotton rope for details

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