Hi there, I’ll be sharing a little bit about my family today! I normally like to keep business and family-life separate, but I am going to make an exception simply because Oh Everything Handmade has grown in the past few months to almost double the readers we had in mid 2014. I am grateful to be so lucky, and appreciate every single follower, customer or friend that decides to take a peek at OhEverythingHandmade.

If you are a longtime reader/follower you know we’ve been stationed in Okinawa, Japan before. We used to love it here, guess that explains why we’re back! I will try to share more about the island living as we go along, but for now it’s time to meet my family.

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Meet my Family by OhEverythingHandmade
Meet my Family by OhEverythingHandmade | Bailey, Jasmine and Me

Meet my Family part 2 by OhEverythingHandmade

I surprised my husband last month with a mini vacation for his birthday, and I would like you to join us along as we take our “first off-Island mini vacation”.

If you stay, I’ll promise to reward you with some pretty amazing iPhone wallpaper. 🙂

OhEverythingHandmade on a mini vacation

We started our mini vacation, by taking the ferry to the IE Island. The 10-15 minute ride came with an opportunity for me to take these beautiful images.

OhEverythingHandmade on a mini vacation - 1

Once we got on the island, a shuttle bus took us to our resort.

Ie Island - YYY IE Resort
Ie Island – YYY IE Resort

Yep, this is where I spent the majority of my Saturday afternoon.

Beach IE Island

We also walked down this beautiful beach walkway…

After a beautiful day at the pool and the beach, we decided to continue with a little island tour the following morning.

Waji Viewpoint - 2

Waji Viewpoint

Somewhere far out there is China!

Waji Viewpoint - 1

We also went to a hibiscus flower park, but because it wasn’t the right season, I only took a few pictures.

Hibiscus Flower Park

And here are my favorite images from the mini vacation:


Ie Island - Jasmine on the beach
Ie Island – Jasmine on the beach

Ie Island - Family on the beach

Ie Island - US on the beach

This mini vacation was perfect, easy to get to, beautiful Resort with clean and very roomy Cottages ( <– which we stayed in).

And because you’ve been such a great support to OhEverythingHandmade, I like to gift you with 6 FREE iPhone wallpapers.


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