The Studio Reveal!

It’s been quite some time since I posted something about my new studio/office, last post was when we moved into our new house! I finally got it about 75% done and I love to share with you what I have done with the studio/office so far.


This is how it looked when I moved into my space. It was originally made to be a dining room, that’s why it had the enormous light fixture hanging super low.

As for the studio/office room to-do list, these days it’s looking more like this:

  • Take down the old light fixture
  • Add new window treatments
  • Add a frame wall
  • Set up the desk and all other furniture
  • Buy a mannequin
  • Paint the walls (I am thinking about a pale lavender or pale turquoise)
  • Add a board & batten (inspired by YoungHouseLove)
  • Add other functional storage
  • Hang some art to keep it cheerful (maybe a big key and my small jewelry frame)

Even though I’m only about halfway through, I am feeling pretty good about the space. The painting will have to wait until after my little bugger is born, and hopefully I will find some time to get that started on a weekend when hubs can watch the kidos.


I got my mannequin on ebay for only $60, so happy I was able to find one with a white wooden base. Totally love my mannequin assistant Miss. Rosy.


The decor I got mainly at Michaels for 50% off, and the book-case units I bought at Ikea.


This book-case was once taller and had more shelf’s, but since I wanted to display it right by the window, we cut some of it off and placed the top back on it. The storage boxes are from Ikea.ST3

I hope you enjoyed my little space, I sure love being in here making jewelry. Although my soldering and cutting metal is all happening in the garage the small things like beading, marketing, emailing, blogging etc. happens all right here!

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