Our Move Before & After

Hi there, I wanted to pop in quickly and update you with “Our Move Before & After”. We have moved out of our government apartment to an apartment out in town. More on that in a bit!

This move is because my husband/us is/are retiring from the military. He served the USMC for 21 years, so this wasn’t an easy decision but we realized that it was the better decision for our family.

When Nakia first told me that he had thought about retiring from the military I didn’t think that he would consider it while still in Japan.

But, things just fell into place and when he was offered a job in Okinawa that was appealing, we went for it with excitement.

Long story short, his last day as a Marine is the end of July 2017 and we will be staying on Oki for at least one year.

Here are a few last images of our old apartment before the movers arrived to pack it all up.

Our Move Before & After

Before the Move

Pillow Home Decor via OhEverythinghandmade-small

Want to find out how the succulent wreath was made, click HERE. The Farmhouse style wingback chair can be found HERE. Give your Ikea Sofa a makeover with my cushion hack HERE.

And here are some images of what it looked like when they had packed everything in the living and dining room.

Before the Move-living room

So many boxes, we had a maze in both our homes. I am still working on some boxes, it’s a challenge since the new apartment is missing a storage room.

But, I will try to finish up by the end of next week and take some pictures of the new place once decorated and all.

Are you itching to see what the place looks like? Here is my blank canvas.

Entry & Kitchen Living room Living room2

Sorry for the blurry images, I was way too excited while trying to snap pictures with my phone.

And last but not least some images of a few things already set up, but not decorated. Boxes came in after I took these pictures.

Find my tutorial for the Herringbone Coffee table HERE, and the Farmhouse Dining Table HERE.

Yep, this move was crazy but honestly the easiest we have ever had. I did a few trips myself to the house with my car packed up. Especially all my nail business stuff, I didn’t want the Packers to mess with any of it.

I also transported my fig leaf tree, and some other items I thought might break during the move. We only had one chair break his leg, but the moving company took it and will bring it back once fixed. So all in all this was a great experience.

Our Move Before & After – Notes

NOTE: I apologize for my non-professional photography, I know you are spoiled by me with better work. I promise I won’t use my phone for blog posts in the future! 😉

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