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I wish I could have shared today’s Inspiration Board with you yesterday, because I am so excited about the outcome since it will be for my actual living room, unfortunately life got in the way and other duties had to be completed first. With Jasmine constantly throwing tantrums and little Bailey always having such a perfect timing to cry for mommy, it just wasn’t possible to make time for blogging. At one point I just stood in our living room looking at them both, thinking “I must be crazy in love with both of them to have the strength for all of this”!

It’s challenging but also manageable, I am always telling myself to take a deep breath and do it step by step. 

So, in between all the crazy baby drama I work on decorating my living room. We have, I would call it a “modern/traditional style living room” at the moment. Nothing special in it, it’s functional but very much boring to me (see for yourself, below). Now that I am free of the 9 month baby bump, I started playing with paint colors.

living room

My living room, and pretty much the rest of the home is a beige color, I have already painted the living room in a Benjamin Moore Abalone. It’s a much cooler color but with lots of colorful accessories it should transform into a “Modern Living” room.

The inspiration board below is made with items I will actually be buying for my living room in the next couple of months (funding the living room should cost about $2000). My colors for the decor are gray, yellow, green and coral with the walls being a light gray called Abalone from Benjamin Moore.


1. Frames: Ribba | 2. Orchid: From your local garden center | 3. Lamp: JONSBO GRYBY | Shade  4. Table: Distressed Metal Sofa Table | 5. Pillows: Burlap Pillow | Lush decor | Ella Pillow | 6. Painting: Painted Pebbles | 7. Corner Sofa: KARLSTAD | 8. Rug: Blue Retro Rug | 9. Decor: HomePort Collections Parrot  | 10. Coffee table: Glass table | 11. Side table: Mirrored Round side table | 12. Armchair: Strandmon Chair

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