“The Nail Art Booklet” is finally here!

I am so excited to announce that my “The Nail Art Booklet” is finally here! The last few months have been insane and I had to keep this a secret, which was SOOOO hard.

So, you might be wondering why I made a Nail art booklet? The truth is, I am a nail technician and owned a salon in Germany during my early 20s. Then I met an amazing guy, moved to the States and married him.

I am obsessed with gel nails which to me, is an art. So it fits right in with all the artsy fartsy things I do. You can find my Nail IG profile right here @TrueDreamNails.

“The Nail Art Booklet” is finally here!

Nail art booklet-featured3

Nail art is your passion! This is the book for all those who like to capture each design on paper. Choose your Palette and create amazing nail art.

You can ORDERThe Nail Art Booklet” here at a 10% discount (only until Aug 31st)

I created this booklet because I wanted to capture all the nail art ideas I had. This booklet is perfect if you want to showcase your work in your salon, home studio or at nail shows.

The best part about “The Nail art Booklet” is that you can use Nail polish or Waterbased Acrylic paint to create stunning designs.
This booklet was made with thick glossy paper so nothing seeps through the pages.

The Nail art Booklet-Order here

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