Pregnancy // Week 36

Pregnancy Week 36

 With each week of my pregnancy we are getting closer to meet our little bugger Bailey, and this week is my 36th week with lots of exciting plans ahead.

  • Ultrasound and big check-up on Tuesday
  • Family time on Wednesday (we may have some ice-cream and go to the park)
  • Scheduling blog posts for the next few weeks, so I can spend time with Jasmine and in case Bailey decides to show up earlier (means that if you like to submit your business or advertise with us, you need to make sure you send me an email ASAP)
  • Last clean-up in Bailey’s room, last touch up on his crib and cleaning his newborn clothing.

However it seems like things are moving quick now, and that’s why I am wrapping it up for today, wishing you a wonderful week.

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