happy weekend + baby bump

happy weekend friends, it’s time again ~ to show off my bump. I’m 30 weeks as of today, and I feel amazing.

My hubby – Nakia deployed about a month ago,  and he’ll probably be not able to be there at birth, but I have been trying to get used to this thought and came up with a “plan B”. My friend (Rainbow) will be there for me before/during /after the birth, she has herself a 18 year old daughter and is very well educated about child birth.

Other than growing day by day, I was working on a few new items this week… – Betty

[nggallery id=9]

1. Rhodochrosite chip earring 2. Sky Blue chalcedony quartz faceted Earring 3. Love catcher earring 5. Floral branch and amethyst crystal 5. Ruby crystal earring

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