Stamped Doily Bowl ~ DIY

Hi ladies, I have been quite busy last week and wasn’t able to post, therefor I will share a very cute DIY today! I found this amazing DIY on this German Blog called: Sodapop-design ( in german ).

The Stamped Doily Bowl ~ DIY is a unique way to display your Jewelry, and great to use as a decor piece.

So here is what you will need to get started:

  • 1 pack of Clay – 500g ( Efaplast clay is recommended, but you can use any other clay that is sturdy and requires no backing )
  • Rolling pin
  • plastic cutting board
  • Acrylic Paint ( recommended: Folkart – Wicker White )
  • Brush
  • Bowl
  • Doily

First you need to roll the Clay out on your board, to a 3mm thickness.

Now, place the doily onto the rolled clay, and carefully roll over it with your rolling pin.

You will need to cut out a circle into a 10cm diameter, to do this you can use any other bowl ( place bowl upside down onto the rolled out clay, and run a knife along the edges. )

Your next step would be to bring this cutout clay circle into a bowl shape, use a bowl with your desired shape and place your clay carefully into it.

Should you have little cracks or uneven spots, carefully remove them with a lightly damped finger. When you’re done, place your bowl in a warm area ( by a window? ) and let it sit there for one full day to dry.

When the Efaplast is cured, it can be taken out of the form without any problems.  Now, for the fine Tuning.  To remove or smooth your uneven edges, you can use a fine emery paper.

You can now paint your little bowl with some Acrylic paint ( Folkart – Wicker white ) to give it a glossier finish.

All done!


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