Floral Easter Table Setting by oheverythinghandmade

I got to hunt Easter decor for my Floral Easter Table Setting this week. I felt like a kid in a candy store to be honest, the highlight was when I found the Easter bunny cookie jar (which I had been looking for since anthropology came out with one), my day was made!

My kids love Easter, I think they might even love it more than Christmas! Jasmine, was so excited about me setting the table that she actually thought it was Easter already – no worries, I told her; mommy is only practicing for this weekends Easter get-together. 

Before I get started, I like to thank Afloral.com for all the gorgeous faux flowers they provided me with for today’s post. Every time I open a box of Afloral flowers, I am blown away by the beautiful details each flower has.

Floral Easter Vase

Floral Easter Table Setting - Table top

 What you need:

Floral Easter Table Setting2

Floral Easter Table Setting – Instructions:

Step 1.

Cut the stems off your Eucalyptus spray’s. Cut each flower stem off the Ranunculus bushes, also shorten the other flower stems that come as a spray.

Floral Easter Table Setting1 - cut off excess flower stems

Step 2.

Secure one Ranunculus to a Eucalyptus stem, you can do this with floral wire or use a green plastic tie. Once you tied the two branches together, you can cut it off and add some more branches and floral along the first stems.

Floral Easter Table Setting - secure the greenery and the flower

Floral Easter Table Setting - add more branches and flowers

Floral Easter Table Setting - once secured cut off the excess wire

Step 3.

At the end of my first finished branch, I added a cabbage rose. To hide the stems and the plastic ties, I made sure to secure everything below the leaves.

Floral Easter Table Setting1 - add more branches and flowers

Step 4.

Repeat the second branch with the same pattern, and secure them together (see image below).

Floral Easter Table Setting - cut off excess flower stems

Floral Easter Table Setting - cut off excess plastic

This was the centerpiece of my Easter Table Setting, along with some Decorative Eggs and the mini vases I showed you in the beginning.

Floral Easter Table Setting - decor from aboveFloral Easter Table Setting - plates

Floral Easter Table Setting - Easter bunny cookie jar

Floral Easter Table Setting - Easter bunny decor

Floral Easter Table Setting - front view

Floral Easter Table Setting - Layered cake

Floral Easter Table Setting 1- Layered cake

Here is also the pinterest banner for you to share with your followers, thank you.

Floral Easter Table Setting - by oheverythinghandmade and afloral


  • Cake: Made by me (recipe coming soon…)
  • Placemats: Target
  • Plates & Silverware: Ikea
  • Orange Ranunculus: Walmart
  • Curtains: JCPenny
  • Napkins: Target – decorated with gold dots by me (not available in stores anymore)

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