Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Faux Floral AFloral by Oheverythinghandmade

Hi friends, I am so excited to share today’s Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial with you. I have been working on our new living room makeover, and needed to soften up the space with floral. After researching faux flowers for the past week, I decided to make my first centerpiece. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to put together!

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade3

Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

I chose silk faux flowers for this centerpiece, in order to achieve that realistic look. To create my arrangement I went with 3 different floral’s on this centerpiece, which gives it more dimension, and adds a romantic feel.

Faux Floral Centerpiece Material

Romantic peonies in a rose cream make a perfect arrangement. These silk rose cream peonies are elegant and beautiful that will make any centerpiece or floral arrangement a stunning piece of art. – 2x $10.99

Flocked Lambs Ear Leafs greenery is a great way to fill out a bouquet or centerpiece in a natural looking way and this lamb’s ear is no exception. With a more natural look, you can use at its full 28 inch height for a centerpiece or cut it down for bouquets. Leaves are flocked for a realistic, almost velvety feel. The flocking creates a soft, grey-green look for the leaves. – $8.98

Beautiful and elegant, this magnolia in Cream is the perfect addition to any floral arrangement, centerpiece, or wedding bouquet. Smooth and silky, this fantastic spray will stand out in the crowd. – $6.79

How to create a centerpiece for under $60

Before you get started, choose a container that will fit into your space, I went with a 6″ Clear Glass Cylinder Vase because I love the glass on glass look and I didn’t want the centerpiece on my new coffee table (tutorial coming soon) to be too formal. – $5.49

Next, you need an Acrylic Water Kit. These kit’s are quite expensive, but I was able to find a budget-friendly kit. This kit was only 4 fl oz., I bought 2 kits and combined both into one container. – $15.94

If you choose a vase that’s not clear, simply add floral foam to your vase. (cheaper option)

Total spending on this faux floral centerpiece project: $54.86

Step by Step Instructions:

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade4

Step 1.

Clean your container if you use Acrylic Water.

Step 2.

Mix your part A & B into one disposable container.

Step 3.

Stir your mixture until clear.

Step 4.

Add the acrylic mixture carefully without to splash into your container.

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade5

Step 5.

Once you have added the Acrylic mixture, you add your floral’s. I recommend to create your arrangement before you add the acrylic water, so you don’t have to move the flowers around too much.

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade6

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade7

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade8

Once you are done, don’t move the vase around for at least 24h or you will end up with a not so pretty acrylic water finish.

Faux Floral Arrangement by Oheverythinghandmade1

I am in love with my new coffee table centerpiece and the little ones are surprisingly not all over it as well (thank goodness).

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade4

This image was taken before I added the clear water to the vase.


Where to buy faux floral:

  • Your local craft store is always a good and source, and most the time you can get your floral at a discount if you use coupons.
  • Walmart has a small section of floral, I find their peonies are very realistic and inexpensive at only $2.00 per 12″ stem.
  • I ordered all my flowers at Afloral.com, I was stunned by the selection they have. But you can also find artificial flowers here, here and here.

What flowers to use:

  • Silk flowers are the best way you can go, they are realistic and easy to clean.
  • Depending on the style you like, you can create an inexpensive arrangement for any season. And in the long run you save money on artificial flower’s vs. real flowers.
  • Faux flowers are easy to store, and can be reused even after 10 years.

How to arrange your floral:

  • Start by arranging the outside of your centerpiece first, adding longer pieces of floral to your arrangement will give it more volume.
  • Add at least 2-4 pieces of greenery to your arrangement, greenery is a great way to fill out a bouquet or centerpiece in a natural looking way.
  • Choose 3-6 flowers as a filler, peonies are a great filler. They have a puffy flower and will hide any gaps.
  • Make sure to add the stems with leaves around the vase, that way you won’t see the rim.

Questions & Tips

Are you still in doubt about creating, an everlasting centerpiece? Post your questions below, and I will make sure to answer them for you.

Or should you have any tips on how to create a budget-friendly centerpiece, make sure to leave your suggestions below.

Instagram or Facebook your creations by hashtaging us with #OhFauxFloral.

Faux Floral Centerpiece by Oheverythinghandmade1

Faux Floral Arrangement by Oheverythinghandmade


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      1. That’s awesome! I was hoping you would say you made it, because I saw one similar that was over $500, eek! Can’t wait for the tutorial, my hubby and I will have new project!

  1. So beautiful! I would have never guessed these weren’t real. I love the look of real blooms but I’d much rather spend money on other things every week than flowers…like, I dunno, groceries. Ha Love this tutorial!

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