Gala Beach in Okinawa JP

Hi there, before I share a bit of personal content about our Second Japan Tour and what’s coming next to the blog. I like to say “Thank you” to those that recently joined in on this party. But, also to my long-time readers. You guys are the reason I want to keep doing what I do best and love. Creating and building things are my passion and it turned quickly into a business opportunity. I am lucky enough to live in a world where nowadays anything is possible, if you just want it bad enough!

So, if you are a long-time follower/reader or a friend of mine, you know we’ve been in Japan before (3 years ago-before we came to Fort Wort, TX). I’ve received numerous emails, asking about the move, the culture change and what will happen to Oh Everything Handmade.

Second Japan Tour – what’s coming next

I think because we have been in Japan before, it will be a much easier transition back into living in a different continent. I learned the Japanese manners and customs on our first tour to Japan, and will pass them to my kids once we are there. They are an important part of many facets of Japanese life. I’ll be a guest in their country, so it comes natural to me to show my respect.

The move is a different story! While we have been doing this a few times already, it seems like it gets harder each time. Now that we have two little ones, it is overall more to move and takes soooo much longer if you ask me. It is tiring, and we will be living in Hotels for a few weeks, but I am surprisingly excited to move to Japan again.

So, what will this move mean for Oh Everything Handmade? I am planning on expanding our products, by adding more items like; pillow cases, prints, mugs, shirts, more digital prints and graphics. Plus my Jewelry line will  be moved over to OEH and the Oh Everything Handmade brand will become a trademark.

A new membership platform will be launched late June, for exclusive content, freebies and giveaways. I’ll keep you guys posted about the exact date on this.

And because I love the beaches  in Japan, here are some of my favorite spots.

Toguchi Beach Okinawa, Japan

Toguchi Beach Okinawa Japan

Toguchi Beach Okinawa, Japan

Gala Beach Okinawa, Japan

Gala Beach in Okinawa JP

Gala Beach Okinawa, Japan

Cape Lighthouse Okinawa, Japan

Cape Lighthouse Okinawa, Japan 1

Cape Lighthouse Okinawa, Japan 3

Cape Lighthouse Okinawa, Japan

Toguchi Beach me at 7 month pregnant with Jasmine

Me at Toguchi Beach – 7 month pregnant with Jasmine

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  1. How exciting for you and your family to be moving to Okinawa. My son was born there way back in 1982. I was a young newly married wife of a military man. I wish I had been a little older and a little wiser so I could have explored the island and enjoyed my time there more than I did. Enjoy. I have “liked” your face book page and it will be fun to see how your journey unfolds. 🙂

    1. Thank you Cheri for following OEH. My daughter was born here too, back in 2011. We are very happy to be able to share this beautiful island with our kids this time around.

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