DIY // Easy 5-step Ring Organizer

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I am so excited you guys! Oyin the lady behind our jewelry DIY’s, came up with an Easy 5-step Ring Organization for us today. It is affordable, and can easily customized to fit your liking.

The Easy 5-step Ring Organizer:

What you will need:

  • glue
  • glue gun
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • felt
  • wrapping paper *
  • scrap paper
  • box

diy ring organizer tools

1) Measure out the inner dimensions of your box to determine the length of the ring cushions

diy ring organizer step 1

2) Using the same measurements, cut out the felt to the same dimensions.

diy ring organizer step 2

3) Roll the felt and glue the end shut.
(Tip: (a) to make the felt feel fuller & stiffer, add some wrapping paper inside
(b) use the scrap paper to collect the excess glue that spills from the glue gun)

diy ring organizer step 3

4) Repeat step 2 & 3 to fill your box.

diy ring organizer step 4

5) Using the other scrap paper, glue the rolled up felt to make a base. This helps hold the rolls securely and keeps them from moving around in the box.

diy ring organizer

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