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emerald wire earring

It’s been quite a while since I’ve published a jewelry tutorial. Today’s jewelry tutorial came to life due to a collaboration with I also like to welcome all our new followers, thank you for joining our community.

There will be a surprise at the end of this tutorial, so stick around and continue reading…

What you’ll need:

(you can use a regular hammer and pliers, the concrete floor should also work as a working surface – just make sure you have some newspaper underneath, so you don’t engrave the rough texture of your concrete into your earwire while hammering…)

Emerald wire earring by
1. Hammer carefully one end of your earwire, about 8-10mm into the wire.

Emerald wire earring by oheverythinghandmade.comEmerald wire earring by
2. add 3 crystals to your wire.

Emerald wire earring by
3. Use the end of your pliers to bend the ear wire, you can also use a round pen (if it has a rubber-covered area you want to use that, it will help you keep the earwire stable). The pen or pliers end shouldn’t be thicker than 9-10mm.

Emerald wire earring by
4. Bend the wire downwards until you have a U-shaped earwire.

Emerald wire earring by
5. With your nose pliers bend 5mm from the end of your earwire outwards. 

Emerald wire earring by wire earring by

6. Now simply adjust your earwire by bending carefully toward the inside. 


You may want to use a file for smoothing out the earwire ends, especially the one that goes into your ear. I use a file just for smoothing our earwires, it’s the easiest and fastest way to finish up an earwire.

(make sure you rinse your file with water after you have used it on your wire. I use this file for all my wire smoothing: Sponge Sanding and Buffers Polisher File)

I hope my instructions are clear and understandable, should you still have trouble completing this tutorial, please comment below and I’ll do my best to help out.


Speaking of making this tutorial, how about winning all the supplies you need to make today’s earring? Sound good, right? 

We are giving away 5 packages with all the supplies you need to complete this tutorial*

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*tools are not included!

(credits: all images by Bettina Johnson)

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  1. I’ve done this with sterling silver wire and used a torch to make little balls at the ends of the wire then instead of having a curved bend at the tip I used my pliers to make it quite square, this stops the beads from coming off. gave them for christmas pressies last year.

  2. Sadly, I just read the T&C and I am not able to participate in this one, but anyway I enjoyed the small tutorial. I also enjoy making earrings and this one will work great with different gems.

    Still searching for a hammer and block though…

  3. Do you use hard or soft wire? Do you just use a metal file? My ends are usually sharp and scratchy. Can you tell I am a struggling beginner trying to get beyond the basics? Thanks!

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