DIY // Allowance Storage Box

Hello, lovelies! Today I’ll be sharing my “DIY Allowance Storage Box” with you, which I made for my daughter’s allowance. I started giving her small chores like helping me vacuum, watering plants, cleaning her room on a daily basis and folding her laundry. I believe that starting her early will only make it easier later.

After she’d saved up a few quarters she asked me for a coin bank, so mommy went to the dollar store and bought her a few things to make this cute little Allowance Storage Box.
DIY Allowance Storage box

Allowance Storage Box

Material needed:

  • Wooden box
  • 1 lock
  • 2 floral hinges
  • Silk flower
  • hot glue gun
  • white, pink & turquoise acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • screwdriver
  • dish to mix colors


DIY Allowance box - supplies needed


DIY Allowance box - Step by Step instructions

  • To receive a mint color I used some white acrylic with 1-2 drops of turquoise.
  • Coat the entire outside of the wooden box and let dry.
  • Add 1 to 2 more drops to the remaining white to darken the mint mixture. I used a slightly darker mint to coat the lid.
  • Once everything is dry, I screwed on the lock and the hinges.
  • To paint the inside I used some white and 1-2drops of pink.
  • Lastly, I hot-glued a silk leaf and flower on the lid

TIP: do not close the box until the paint is fully dried, or it might stick together and you won’t be able to open it again without damaging the box.

DIY Allowance box - inside the box

DIY Allowance box - glue on the flower

DIY Allowance box - back view

// PIN IT //

DIY // Allowance Storage Box

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