DIY // Carnelian Dotty Post earring

It’s Friday already!!! Time for our last and the 6th Made by color DIY episode (you can find all my other DIY’s Here). I’ll be still providing my readers with DIY’s tho. I just need to focus on my new collection for next year, and also a view Videos that show the step by step process of making jewelry for the new collection. So stay tune and subscribe to my Blog so you never miss a post again.

But let’s get started with today’s DIY: The Carnelian dotty post earring

These are the things you’ll need to make our today’s carnelian dotty post earring:

2 x 4″ inches of 18 Gauge Wire | 2 x 6mm Carnelian Beads

1. Slide your Carnelian Bead about 18mm onto your wire.

2. Bend your long end to the right side

3. Wrap your wire around the bead until you get to your short end, here you need to wrap along the top.

4. Wrap your wire around again until you get to the beginning, here you go behind your wire (see image).

5. Go around until you reach to the top part.

6. Now, bend your shorter end straight down to a 45° angle.

7. Start wrapping the end that was longer, twice around your ear-post.

8. Cut off the left-over piece from your wire, and use your pliers to tighten the end.

9. Use sand-paper, or a sand-paper block to give your post earring a smooth finish.

All done! I hope this little tutorial inspired you to make your own little Dotty Post earring, if you don’t want to mess with pliers and wire just head over to my shop, you can order the Dotty Post earring in many different styles and Beads (in Sterling silver, 14k Gold and Brass).

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

If you have any suggestions on how to make DIY’s easier (comment below), or you have a great idea but not the tools for contact me and I will be glad to make a step by step for you.

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  1. it looks a little hard to bend the wire – is it?
    they’re gorgeous, nonetheless. I couldn’t wear them, though, because my ears are stretched

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