Organize your Small Business

Small Business Tax Kit Printable

A few years ago when I started my own small business, I looked desperately for a way to organize my small business. It took me a couple of years until I came up with my own small business tax kit template, which has helped me in so may ways to keep my business organized.

Therefore, I like to announce that my Small Business Tax Kit has finally launched, and is now available in our shop.

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Organize your Small Business

You can now organize your small business on the go, in your office or while at a craft fair.

The small business tax kit includes:

  • Printable Small Business Monthly Expenses Template
  • Printable Small Business Monthly Income Template
  • Printable Product Inventory Template
  • Printable Supply Inventory Template
  • + FREE extra (cover sheet)

Order your small business tax kit here.

Small Business Income Expense Inventory Printable Kit IPad

The small business tax kit is printable, savable and can be edited whenever you need to. Work effortless on your templates from your Laptop, Desktop, iPad or iPhone.

Organizing your small business has never been this easy! We created 6 modern .pdf files that can be edited as you go + a FREE extra. Save each expense or income monthly, while keeping your product and supply stock on track.

Small Business Income Expense Inventory Printable Kit - iMac

I have been using these templates mostly on my iPad and my desktop, they are simple and very helpful when on the go. My Small business Product Inventory Template is a must have if you are planning to manage your stock during craft shows. Or if you are a vendor in a store, and like to keep track of what has sold, our Small business Supply Inventory Template will definitely save you time.

I have my iPad always with me, so all I have to do is pull up the supply inventory template to enter & save my entries. 

Small Business Tax Kit Printable 1

Even if you are a business owner that likes to handwrite each entry, our small business tax kit can be printed and manually filled out. There are no limits on customizing these templates, use them year after year and prepare your taxes in just a few minutes.

I am very excited about this little set, and hope you will enjoy it just as much!

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Small Business Tax Kit Printable

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