Christmas Home Tour 2015

What a beautiful time of the year! I had my Christmas tree up a week before Thanksgiving, just couldn’t wait any longer. You can (click HERE to see) my last year’s Christmas Home Tour.

Last year I gave a $60 Christmas tree a makeover (click HERE to see) and we packed this huge tree and shipped it to Japan so we can enjoy it this year as well. I have changed the color theme for this year’s tree to gold, white and green. With a little surprise for the kids in the tree.

So here we go – please enjoy my Christmas Home Tour 2015.
Christmas Decor ideas

Christmas Home Tour 2015

Christmas Decor ideas

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-5

I always dreamed of a flocked Christmas tree, so I decided to give it a try by doing it myself. My DIY Flocked Christmas tree turned out great considering I only spent a fraction of what an already flocked tree would cost.

I also used some of the same ornaments as last year because they were still in good shape considering the humidity and heat they’ve been in during the shipment to Japan. I just changed out the dark blue ornaments with a bright green and gold ornaments, what a difference!

The ornament with the calligraphy, was made by me. I used this pen (click HERE to see).

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-13

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-11

Remember I told you I had a surprise for the kids, in the tree!!! One of Santa’s reindeers stopped by and peeked through our Christmas tree branches. I couldn’t resist, both my kids are having a blast with him.

You can find the fabric reindeer ornament HERE, or try to make one yourself with these Pinterest templates.

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-2

Christmas decor ideas

I tried to keep my table setting simple for this home tour, since there might be a special post coming up just for a Christmas table setting.

The table above (click HERE to see) is the one I hand built back in July, topped with this table runner. And decorated with a couple of branches I bought from Michael’s. The ROTERA is from IKEA and the little vase and plant are bought locally.

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-3

My living room has also changed a bit, I’ve added my handmade scented wreath (click HERE to see) the tutorial over at Remodelaholic. And my new HOME sign is from Germany, but you can find similar signs HERE.

Christmas home decor ideas

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-19

Christmas decor ideas

I love this handmade Chalkboard. To draw on it is used, this Chalkboard marker. They write on glass, chalkboards and even paper. The paint is non-toxic, made of eco-friendly material and is erasable.

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-9

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-14

Christmas Home Tour 2015 DIy Decor IDeas


Christmas decor ideas

Christmas Tree & Home tour 2015-12

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour 2015.

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