Affordable Storage Solutions: Your Budget-Friendly Storage Unit Guide

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to organize our entryway by adding a Budget-Friendly Storage Unit. Our new place has an elevator exit on each floor, so when someone comes up to our floor they step into the entryway.

For the past 3 months, we have just dropped stuff there; things like our water gallons, things I need to sell and boxes. We didn’t have room in the house so that’s where the junk went. Not really pretty, and I am sure my visitors thought so too. It really was time to get this room organized and sorted out.

Storage unit - before and after-1
Budget-Friendly Storage Unit

We sorted out the items we wanted to keep and to throw away, then I placed them into boxes and the entire   display came together nicely.

And yes, this Budget-friendly Storage Unit is a GREAT beginner project. If you just have some basic tools and a Kreg Jig, this project will be a done in no time!

You can find the plans for this Budget-friendly Storage Unit on Build Something, which is Kreg’s new DIY project plan site. Please head over to find the plans, including a cut list & tools I used.

Storage unit - before and after-2

The best part about this build is that it only is about $50 in wood supplies. We had everything else, like; wood glue & tools.

To make the storage look organized I added white storage boxes and some wire baskets.


You can find the link to the building plan at the bottom, which comes with a cut list and all the tools required.

Storage Unit - Finished project-1-1

Budget-friendly Storage Unit Building Plan

Storage Unit - Finished project-1-3Budget-Friendly Storage Unit Modern Farmhouse Style Dresser DIY Crafts IdeasFind more building plans here:

You have no idea how grateful I am to be able to build a piece of furniture from scratch, it’s rewarding fun and saves us a bunch of money. Ever since we moved out in town, we have struggled with storage. I had to come up with a plan!

Most our things fit in the closets, but the bedroom is still a mess and I am trying to find space for clothes, towels, sheets, and bedding in general. A new dresser had to be made, my Modern Farmhouse Style Dresser was created bigger and is easy to build. To top it off, the dresser cost me about $150 incl. hardware.


>> All building plans HERE <<

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