10 BEST Easy to Build Living Room DIYs

Hi, you know I like my simple building plans. So today, I’ll be sharing the 10 Best Living Room Builds for Beginners. These plans are easy to build, and on top, they look great and won’t break the bank.

If you missed my previous Build RoundUps, click here for the Kitchen Builds and the Bedroom Builds. But my favorite is the How to tuft Button an IKEA sofa cushion.

10 Best Living Room Builds for Beginners

Let’s get started with one of the easiest projects from this roundup. I adore the Stained Wood Tray from How to Nest for Less; it’s easy to build and would make a great serving tray.

Stained Wood Tray


10 Best Living Room Builds for Beginners DIY Project Ideas Room DecorBuiltIn Corner BookCase

Next, let’s talk about this gorgeous built-in that Justin and Cassity build for their home, you can find the tutorial over at Remodelaholic.

You can take this tutorial and modify it to your desired size. Just make all the adjustments according to the needs of your space.

This bookshelf goes from floor to ceiling.  The space from the top of the bookshelf opening was reserved for crown molding.

The space from the floor to the bottom shelf was reserved for the base molding. We like tall base moldings and crowns.

If you plan on using base moldings or crowns, add up the molding height, plus the face frame width, for your final face frame height.

Side Table

DIY Side Table via Build BasicHaving a side table in your living room is essential when creating a cozy family room where everybody gets to relax after a hard workday.

Jenn from Build-Basic created an excellent, easy-to-make, and affordable DIY Side Table that you can whip up in just a few hours during a weekend.

Jenn tells us not to let the angles scare us away–the design is effortless! Adjust your miter saw from zero to seven degrees for a few cuts, and you can create the splayed legs quickly.

And with the addition of blocks to the front of the legs, it’s easy to fake the look of advanced mortise and tenon joinery.

$10 Blanket Ladder

diy-wooden-blanket-ladderI love blankets; I have them spread throughout my house, so this little DIY Blanket Ladder project by Shanty 2 Chic would make a significant and stylish storage solution for them all.

After all,  those cold Winter months are approaching us (fast).

Ashley told us that she wanted a particular “shanty” look! Her favorite part of this ladder is the 2×6s!  They give it a solid, chunky look!

Crate Coffee Table

Crate Coffee TableCrates are an excellent component when building a coffee table; they can be used to store things like books & remotes.

Tara from Anything and Everything DIY Blog shows us how easy it is to build a beautiful Crate Coffee Table in just a few hours.

DIY TV Stand

TV StandWe all know how expensive those TV stands can get, and most of the time, they are not even made of solid wood, am I right?!

Thanks to Mr. LMB from Craftsman Drive, we can all save some bucks by making this TV Stand.

I like the chunky look his TV stand has, but I LOVE the storage space it comes with!

All the dimensions can be altered to fit any area of your house. To get the starting dimensions, Mr. LMB took their previous TV stand, which was significantly smaller in width and length but relatively the same height.

At the end of everything, the overall cost of this TV stand is just under $100.00. That includes all new hardware and wood. He didn’t use any leftover materials from a previous build.


Do you have a small living room as well, where no matter how to lay furniture, you won’t have room for a side table?

sofa-table-before-after-780x365Amy, from “Always Never Done,” had that exact problem and came up with this handy solution.

The sofa fitted perfectly in her L nook. However, there was one slight problem, she had no room for a table to fit on either side of the sofa, and if there is one thing she hates, it’s a sofa without a table to sit my wine on!!!

So, she built herself a $25 Sofa Table for behind the sofa, genius!

DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns

christmas-wood-lantern_thumbLori from The Stony Brook House created super adorable lanterns which you could decorate throughout your living room.

She told us that they had a bunch of scrap wood, and this was a great project and a way to use some of it. These rustic wood lanterns were also a lot of fun to make.

You can find her Rustic Wood Lantern Tutorial here.

How to Build a Floor Lamp

DIY Floor LampDon’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a floor lamp? No problem. BHG got you covered.

Build this unique floor lamp in just seven easy steps. The natural wood stand and twine shade offer a neutral look that can add a simple touch to any room.

Faux Fireplace Mantle with Hidden Storage Cabinets

Our last project for today is this AMAZING Faux Fireplace Mantle with Hidden Storage Cabinets from Ana-White.

10 Best Living Room Builds for Beginners DIY Project Ideas Room DecorThis fireplace is mind-blowingly gorgeous, and Ana got me hooked. Planning to build one as soon as we move from Okinawa mid-next year.

You can find the tutorial here: Faux Fireplace Mantle with Hidden Storage Cabinets

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10 Best Living Room Builds for Beginners DIY Project Ideas Room Decor

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