No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail

Hi there, my daughter has a Noah’s Ark Day costume party next week, where the children go to a nearby retirement home to sing and perform for them. It’s super sweet and I really wanted to make it special for her.

Glad I finally found some time to finish her No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail costume, I can’t wait to see her wearing it!


So, today I’ll be showing you how I made this cute felt fox mask, I downloaded the free template from

No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail Tutorial

Material needed


Assemble the mask

Print both templates and cut out the mask and tail shapes. I used a chalk pencil to trace the templates onto the felt, this made the entire process effortless.

If my Circuit would have gotten here in time, I could ‘ve made this tutorial using the machine to cut everything out.

Once every piece of the mask is cut out, apply glue to the (red) middle part of the mask, which is the nose and forehead. Only apply glue to the part that will sit on the brown felt, make a mark on the backside before assembling.


Turn the mask over and place on a brown piece of fabric felt, trace the outline with a chalk pencil (optional). I did this step but realized after that I didn’t have to since my piece of felt was big enough.

Apply some Sew No More Glue on the entire backside of the mask (work quickly, this glue dries fast). Turn the mask over and place it on a big brown felt piece, press firmly and let the glue dry for 15 minutes before cutting out the mask.

Use the outer edge as a guideline when cutting, leave 1-2mm of extra felt around the mask to give it a nice dimension. I only did that around the ears, and it looks really nice.

No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail DIY Crafts Ideas

Attach the Ribbon

I struggled with this a little but only because I had set my mind on using a stretch band. However, after thinking about other alternatives I came up with the ribbon and have to say it turned out so cute and it was so easy to attach.

To insert the ribbon I had to loosen the sides a little since I used glue on those areas. Make sure to leave this part “glue free”, so you won’t make the same mistake.

Cut a small piece of iron-on-tape and fold it into the opening (see image below), remove the backing from the tape before laying the ribbon in between.

Set your iron on the wool setting and take off the steam option, let it heat and press the iron on the area. Make sure not to touch the ribbon with the iron while this hot, some ribbons are made of satin and can’t take high heat.

Last, cut out 6 black whiskers and iron them on as well.


Make the Tail

Cut out 2 brown pieces of the tail and 1 red accent piece. Use the paper template to trace the shape onto felt. Cut the top part of the red accent piece (see image below) and lay it on the brown tail, trace and remove.

Cut small no-sew tape strips and place them where the red accent piece will go. Press the iron on to adhere. Once cooled, cut the shape of the tail out!

On the second brown piece of felt, which we’ll be using for the backing, trace the entire tail and add No-Sew Iron-on-Tape along the edge. Make sure to place the tape along the center of your outline, this way the tail will be glued shot but the edge won’t be too wide.

Place the top part of the tail onto the backing and press the iron firmly onto the entire piece. Once it feels sticky, you can move the iron a little to get into all corners.

Cut the entire tail out once it has cooled down.


Fill the tail

To fill the tail use a handful of polyester filling and stuff it carefully with your finger until the tail has some shape to it, don’t overfill!

Leave some room at the top, add a small piece of iron-on tape and iron the tail once more. Once cooled, place a small piece of stick-on velcro onto the backside of the tail.

Now you can stick the second piece of velcro onto the back of a shirt or outfit and attach the tail.

Happy Halloween!


No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail Finished Project

No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail DIY Crafts IdeasNo Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail DIY Crafts Ideas

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No Sew Felt Fox Mask & Tail DIY Crafts Ideas

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