Currently Obsessed // Aurora Birthday Set

I looked at my calendar, and realized that I have 6 birthdays coming up in the next few months, and these are just my close relatives. So I wondered what would be a great birthday gift, that is meaningful and can be kept for a long time?!

I sat down on my work bench and started drawing. I love receiving gifts that come from the heart and have a meaning. Therefor I designed this adorable set named Aurora Birthday Set. The Aurora earrings are super cute, I fell in love the minute I completed the design. And because they are so stunning, I had to make a fitting Aurora necklace.

Now you are wondering, why my Aurora Birthday Set is so special? Well, each Month has its own birthstone and therefore I made my Aurora Birthday Set available in all Birthstones. This Set is available, here and will have a wonderful handmade birthday card from KLDesign Boutique which includes a little history of each birthstone.

Are you wondering what your birthstone is, take a look at our Birthstone chart and if you are interested in finding a little history about each stone, visit my Birthstone post.

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