Thankful Grateful Blessed Printable

Hi lovelies, I’ve been working on some watercolor, brush lettering art and came up with this “Thankful Grateful Blessed Printable” for you.

The past week has been quite busy around here which was the reason that kept me from creating and building.

I have also been feeling down lately for many reasons, one of them being that I can’t seem to find the right balance with me working from home. Things like; focus and productivity give me the hardest time at the moment.

 Thankful Grateful Blessed Printable

Thankful Grateful Blessed Printable DIY Prints Ideas Wall Art Ideas

On top of all the crazy personal stuff, my little angel, Jasmine came home with a fever and Strep Throat last Friday. Thankfully she is better now, but I have to admit that we had a rough weekend and I needed some time to myself.

brunch-at-kupukupuLucky me, I got to spend some much needed time with my girls today, we met for brunch and also went to a nearby mall.

Today reminded me how thankful I am to have these girls around. Knowing that I am not alone in this mess, makes it all a little easier.

If you know someone that needs a little pep talk, make sure to print and gift my watercolor “Thankful Grateful Blessed Printable.”

Find the link to download the 8×10 print below. Please feel free to pin this printable and to share it with a friend.


Thankful Grateful Blessed Printable DIY Prints Ideas Wall Art Ideas

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  1. Blessed and always
    Thankful and greatful!!’re such a beautiful spirit,creative mother,wife,daughter and friend to many
    This print is so beautiful

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